Management Team

Our staff reflect the diversity of our community and the people we serve. More than half of our staff are individuals who have a disability.

Our Management Team has extensive experience and expertise in helping people with disabilities maximize their ability to fully integrate into the community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact members of our management team for more information about ARISE services.

Tania S. Anderson, Chief Executive Officer
(315) 671-5111 / 

Cassandra Bulak, Chief Financial Officer
(315) 671-2958 / 

Tim Mahar, Development Officer
(315) 671-2903/ 

Kate Budlong,  Director of Long Term Care Programs
(315) 255-3447 x314/ 

Lisa Finnerty Coggi, Director of Quality Improvement and Compliance Officer
(315) 671-2967/ 

Jeremy Henderson, Director of Finance
(315) 671-5119 / 

Kristen Jackson, Director of Community Programs and Services

Nina Lutz, Director of Independent Living Services
(315) 671-2904 / 

John Martin, Director of Human Resources
(315) 671-5428 / 

Karen Lynch, Assistant Director of Human Resources
(315) 671-2966 / 

Kristen Miguel, Director of Clinical Services
(315) 671-2952 /