Advocacy & Accessibility

Accessibility Resource Center


See examples of accessible design in our Syracuse Office. Learn more about our Resource Center.

Advocacy Groups

advocating in the community

Join a group and advocate for equal access and opportunities. Learn more about our advocacy groups.

ARISE Adaptive Design

Creating adaptive equipment and tools specifically fitted for individuals and their needs. Learn more about adaptive design.

Home Modification Program


Interior home modifications to make your home accessible. Learn more about our Home Modification Program.

Ramp Construction Assistance


Regain your freedom by reclaiming access to your home. Learn more about our Ramp Program.

Housing Locating & Advocacy


Find affordable, accessible housing within the community or receive help with housing discrimination. Learn more about our Housing Advocacy Program.

Systems Advocacy

ARISE staff marching and celebrating the ADA

Advocate for policies that remove barriers for people with disabilities. Learn more about Systems Advocacy.