Service Access Coordination

What is Service Access Coordination?

Our Service Access Coordination Program (also known as Access to Services) helps link families to services and programs that are right for their family.

It can often be a confusing and difficult process for individuals as they search for the right programs that meet their needs.

Through Access to Services, ARISE provides guidance and support to families as they go through the eligibility and application process established by the Office for People with Disabilities (OPWDD).

How does Service Access Coordination work?

Kristin Drumm, ARISE’s Access to Services Coordinator, is available to meet one-on-one with families to help identify programs that might be a good fit.

In addition to explaining the different services that are available, Kristin can also help people gather required documentation and apply for programs.

While families are waiting for approvals, Kristin is able to bridge needs by connecting them to services that are immediately available in the community.

Kristen has extensive knowledge of the community programs available in Oswego County.

In addition to serving as a Medicaid Service Coordinator for over 8 years and her work as the HOME Program Coordinator, she also works as an ARISE advocate at the Oswego Department of Social Services.

As an advocate, Kristen helps individuals with disabilities access services that are not offered through the Oswego County DSS.

All of these experiences make her a very knowledgeable person and a great resource for anyone who has questions about available services.

To learn more about Access to Services, please contact Kristen at (315) 342-4088 ext. 230 or Lisa Seguin, manager of MSC/CSS/FSS, at (315) 342-4088 ext. 208.