Medicaid Service Coordination

Changes to Medicaid Service Coordination 


ARISE will still be there for you!


Do you, or does someone you love, get Medicaid Service Coordination? 

On July 1, 2018, a “CCO” or care coordination organization, will be providing care management. The CCO is newly created by the NYS Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).  It is a first step towards managed care for individuals with IDD.   The CCO will be assessing and developing each individual’s person‐centered plan.  The CCO will work out care management and coordination of services, too.

Why is OPWDD making this change?

To improve outcomes for people with IDD by coordinating care (health and personal/social), disease-related care for chronic conditions, and access to preventive care.

ARISE is working with the LIFEPlan Care Coordination Organization.   More can also be found at:

Remember, ARISE will still be there for you.  If you receive other services such as day habilitation, community hab or respite, these will continue, through ARISE.  You may want to explore other services from ARISE, too.