Our Core Focus Areas

We all have our passions. From social justice to enriching lives, you can direct your gift to a specific initiative and create the impact that matters most to you. You have the power to target your donation to any of our core focus areas:

young girl entering her house on a ramp built by ARISERemoving Barriers

Your gift will help support our work towards access, equality, and social justice for people with disabilities.

From eliminating physical barriers to changing attitudes, this work is focused on creating a more inclusive society that protects, preserves, and promotes civil rights and equal opportunities for people of all abilities.

man with sunglasses and hat smiling next to his wifeSustaining Needs

Your gift will help support our work to build safety nets in the community.

From helping families move out of crisis situations to transitioning people out of nursing homes, our person-centered approach provides security, safety, and hope to people with disabilities in our community.

Woman learning how to use a voting machine

Strengthening Skills

Your gift will help support our work to offer programs that foster independence and growth.

From teaching coping mechanisms to working with people to gain essential job skills needed for employment, your gift will help us empower people with disabilities so they can lead a life of inclusion, participation, and independence.

Young boy with a huge smile on his face while on the ropes courseEnriching Lives

Your gift will help support our work to provide recreation, art, and adventure to people of all abilities.

From inclusive summer camps and therapeutic horseback riding to our adaptive ski program and social groups, your gift will give people with disabilities access to year-round recreation, art, and adventure.

young girl wearing a horseback riding helmet smiling while reaching for the skiToday and Tomorrow

Your gift will ensure that we can meet emerging and future needs in the community.

As we look to the future, we are committed to maintaining our strong fiscal management and continuous quality improvement. Your gift will ensure that we can continue our work to create a fair and just community that offers everyone, regardless of their disability, the opportunity to live a full and meaningful life – both today and tomorrow.