Power of Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Tribute and memorial gifts are a wonderful way to honor the special people and occasions in your life while making a difference for others.

And, continuing a loved one’s legacy by asking that gifts in their memory be made to ARISE makes it possible for people of all ages and abilities to achieve success.

Your Stories of Giving

We are humbled and inspired by all the ways people in our community who have chosen to celebrate and honor their loved ones by supporting our work to create independence and access for all. These are their stories:

  • ROB
    When Rob was planning his Bar Mitzvah, he chose to enrich lives by asking that all gifts be made to the Farm.
    Gifts made in memory of Millicent Adsit continue her legacy and touch lives by supporting our work to provide opportunities and access.
  • MATT
    A devoted volunteer asked that friends and family honor his 50th birthday by giving to ARISE at the Farm’s 21-Day Challenge and celebrating success.
    Through the gifts made in memory of Eileen Pelin, children in our Oswego Youth Groups will have more opportunities for adventure.
    The family celebrated Christmas and independence for all by giving to the ARISE Foundation instead of eachother.

Tribute and memorial gifts can be made online or by mail. To learn more about giving opportunities, please contact Tim Mahar at (315) 671-2903 or