Health Care Advocacy

What is Health Care Advocacy?

Our Health Care Advocacy program can help you access the health care and home services that you need in order to move out of, or avoid entering, a nursing home. By working with our Health Care Advocate, we can help you locate housing and other services that are needed to maintain independent living.

What services are offered?

Our Health Care Advocates can work with you to:

  • Find a doctor or specialist, including those that accept Medicaid or your health insurance plan
  • Locate doctors or specialists that offer accessible exam and diagnostic equipment
  • Help you become a better self-advocate by providing information about your health care rights
  • Provide assistance with denied requests for sign-language interpreter or other interpreter services from health care providers
  • Provide referrals to other services to help you live at home including:
    • Home access modifications
    • Durable medical equipment
    • Case management
    • Service coordination
    • Home support services (such as home care/personal care, housekeeping, Meals on Wheels, etc.)
    • Transportation

Our Health Care Advocates can also provide advocacy and information about making medical facilities more accessible to everyone.

Am I eligible?

This program is free and available to people with any kind of disability.