Therapy Groups

Our Therapy Groups are special sessions led by our licensed clinicians where you can practice developing skills to improve your overall quality of life.

What kind of therapy groups do you offer?

  • Skills-Training for Adolescents  (13 – 18 years old) – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
    The goal of this group is to help adolescents and their supportive adult learn skills in the following areas: 

    • Managing intense, painful emotions, including uncontrollable anger
    • Risk-taking and or self-harming behaviors
    • Persistent instability in social and family relationships
    • Frequent mood-swings and mood-driven choices
    • Fear of abandonment
    • Feelings of resentment towards others
    • Adolescent/parent relational issues
  • Skills-Training Group for Adults – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
    This group will help you develop a different set of skills to deal with difficulties in your life like: chronic feelings of emptiness, unfocused or obsessive thoughts, confusion about yourself, chaotic relationships, fears of abandonment, desperate or impulsive behaviors. Each 10-week group will focus on developing a certain skill like:

    • Making thoughtful decisions that are not driven by emotions
    • Decreasing feelings of emptiness, sadness, or confusion about self
    • Strategies to balance acceptance and change
    • Strengthen relationships while preserving self-respect
    • Identifying the emotions you experience
    • Effectively managing intense emotions
    • Coping with stressful events and emotions in non-destructive ways
  • Anger Management
    The goal of this group is to develop healthier and more effective ways to respond when faced with anger. Sessions will focus on developing better self-awareness, identifying triggers, and practicing more appropriate ways to respond when faced with anger.

How do I sign up?

If you are currently receiving ARISE mental health services and would like to join a therapy group, let your therapist know. They will provide a referral and you will be signed up for the group.

If you do not currently receive mental health services from ARISE, please call our intake line.