Our New Farm Dogs

Farm dogs Huxley the collie and Joni the Labrador are sitting with Farm staffers Becky and Jacobi

Becky and Huxley, the Collie. Jacobi and Joni, the Lab.

This Spring you might be wondering why you see a couple more dogs at the Farm other than the famous farm dog Ruby! These two new dogs are named Huxley and Joni. Huxley ,the collie, was here last Summer and you may not know this but he is a fully trained Service Dog.  Joni the new addition, is a yellow lab puppy and Service Dog in Training.  Together they team up with two of our farm instructors assisting them in everyday life at the farm.

Service Dogs are task trained to help mitigate their handler’s disabilities.  Many disabilities are not visible and Service Dogs can perform many varying tasks, including but not limited to medical alert, mobility support, guide work, and response to medical episodes.  Huxley and Joni are both medical alert and response dogs and are an integral part of farm life!  If you met Huxley this past Summer you may be thinking “He acts just like a regular dog!” and you would be right, when at the farm Huxley is usually “off-duty” yet even off-duty he performs his tasks as needed.

When you visit the Farm please keep in mind that they are working Service Dogs who need to be able to focus on doing their jobs.  When you see Huxley or Joni wearing their vests please ignore them as it is especially important they focus at that time.   We are so excited to welcome them to the ARISE Farm Family!

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