Freedom Rec

Freedom Recreational Services in Auburn has now merged with ARISE! 


Freedom Recreational Services promotes an individual’s fullest level of participation in recreational and social activities through programs focused on the development of skills needed for community integration; empowers the siblings of individuals with disabilities to appreciate and cope with their unique circumstances.

Freedom Recreational Services is designed with each individual as our priority. Each participant will have the opportunity to meet new challenges and participate in activities that otherwise might not be available to them. The name Freedom Recreational Services was selected to reflect our belief that each individual should have the opportunity to grow and develop in a supported atmosphere of fun and freedom. The development of each participant’s’personal acceptance and self-concept is the basic key to our program’s success.


Freedom Riders

Riding lessons incorporate therapeutic & adaptive techniques. Learn more about lessons.

Freedom Camp

two kids smiling and swinging on a swing set at the Farm

Inclusive camps for people of all ages and abilities. Learn more about our Freedom Camp.


Sibs is a support group for children that have a sibling with a disability. Learn more about Sibs.