Who can submit creative work to UNIQUE?

Any person who has a disability, is at least eight years old, and lives in Central New York can submit creative work to UNIQUE.

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What types of work are featured in UNIQUE?

We recognize that art and literature comes in many forms, shapes and interpretations and we welcome submissions of written and visual works. Creative work that has been published in UNIQUE in the past include: poems, short stories, personal essays, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, computer-generated art, and mixed-media works.

Note: Artistic pieces that cannot easily be moved or displayed in print form (e.g. slideshows, multi-media displays, wall murals, etc.) may be accepted for consideration at the discretion of the Managing Editor. Please contact the Managing Editor if you have a question.

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Can I use an art kit from a craft store?

We are sorry, but art from kits is not allowed. Please send in only original artwork. Creative repurposing of pieces contained in art kits is allowed.

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How do I submit my art?

2020 UNIQUE Call For Artists Submission Form

Due to limited storage space this year, ARISE will not be accepting physical artwork submissions during the Call for Artists and initial judging phase.

The Call for Artists (March 1-April 26, 2019), submission forms must be accompanied by a photograph of your artwork. Please take 3-4 photographs of your artwork and email them to UNIQUE@ariseinc.org (.pdf, .jpeg, .png) or mail to:

UNIQUE Magazine
635 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13203

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Can I send in a photograph of my piece of art?

Photographs of the original piece cannot be accepted for consideration.  Only the original piece of artwork can be submitted.

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When will I know if my work was accepted?

Artists will be informed of submission decisions by late June.

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What is the timeline for UNIQUE?

  • March – April ARISE solicits submissions of original artwork and literature created by people who have a disability.
  • May – June Members of the UNIQUE Editorial Board review and select the works to be included in UNIQUE.
  • June Artists are informed of Editorial Board Decisions
  • June – July UNIQUE Magazine is published.
  • Later this year A UNIQUE Unveiling Celebration is held. This fun event gives contributing artists the opportunity to showcase their work to family and friends in a gallery setting.
  • Later this year – Spring 2021 UNIQUE Art Exhibits on display throughout the community.

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Will I get my art or literary work back?

Art submissions will be returned to the artists. Literature submissions are generally not returned unless specifically requested.

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When and how will I get my art back?

Art that is accepted for publication in UNIQUE Magazine will be available for pick up following the close of the UNIQUE art exhibits, or at the request of the artist following the first exhibit.

Art that is not accepted for publication will be available for pick up as indicated in decision letters.

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How do I support UNIQUE?

Your charitable contribution is a strong statement that you share our commitment to celebrating the artistic expression of people of all abilities. Click here to make a secure online donation.

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