Do you want to volunteer during our therapeutic riding lessons? The sidewalker will work with the riding instructor and provide support and maintain the safety of riders during therapeutic riding lessons.

Time Commitment: At least 2 hours per week.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure rider stays balanced atop the equine during the lesson, using the support holds requested by the instructor.
  2. Provide verbal or hand-over-hand reinforcement of instructor’s direction.
  3. Notify instructor of any student/equipment needs in regard to the safety of the lesson.
  4. Interact with riders, families, and visitors in a friendly way.
  5. Complete one training session each year.
  6. Must not assist with mounts and/or dismounts unless trained AND requested by the instructor at that time.
  7. Be familiar with all emergency procedures.
  8. Understand and maintain all confidentiality rules and regulations.
  9. Notify staff of scheduling conflicts at least one day in advance of scheduled volunteer time.


  1. Knowledge and experience with riding safety precautions.
  2. Knowledge of how to assist riders of all abilities in a lesson.
  3. Able to walk for 30 minutes or more at a time.

Training Provided:

  1. Safe, effective sidewalking (including all holds)
  2. Interacting with riders with disabilities
  3. Mounting + dismounting techniques
  4. Emergency procedures (including emergency dismounts